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The Border Reivers Series

A Dish of Spurs (April 2, 2020)

In the space between nations, nothing is out of bounds. 1542. For centuries the Scottish and English borders were known as the Debatable lands: wild, lawless, and the province of reivers, tight-knit robber families that roamed and pillaged the remote passes without fear...

Fifteen-year-old Mintie Henderson has just seen her father murdered. With the Scottish King newly dead and an army of hired reivers on the march, justice is in short supply. Then she comes across Batty Coalhouse: one-armed and hard as nails.

Together they will set out on a journey of revenge.But they are soon caught up in something bigger, a tale of Mary Queen of Scots and King Henry VIII. Stuck in the heart of a tempest, they know only one way to get out alive… Fight.

Burning the Water (July 16, 2020)

Bandits, soldiers, thieves, murderers: all thrive in the lawless hills... The Borders are at war. Henry VIII, fat and pained with a diseased leg, wants to burn them all; to burn the very water if he has to.

Batty Coalhouse is still haunted by Maramaldo, the warlord responsible for cutting off his arm. He’s given an intriguing offer: find some stray nuns and bring them to safety. In turn, that will lead him to his nemesis, now rampaging with an army not far away in the Cheviot hills. What seems a routine assignment becomes a living hell, for in the Debatable lands, nothing is as it seems...

Shake Loose the Border (January 25, 2021)

The war is coming to an end… Now the fighting can really start. The thrilling conclusion to Robert Low’s epic and savage Border Reivers Trilogy.

It is 1548, and the war with the English is winding down. But in the savage heart of the Borders, peace is far from secured.

One-armed Batty Coalhouse, bounty hunter, explosives specialist, border wanderer, is doing what he usually does: ripping the enemy apart. But then he’s sent on an unusual errand. An old friend has been taken to Berwick, England’s northernmost point.

Batty needs to get him back. Nothing is ever simple on the Border, and soon Batty is fighting enemies old and new. But in this blood-soaked world, it’s not just your enemies you need to worry about...

Hold tight for a last, wild ride.