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29 October, 2019: Beasts From The Dark

Red Serpent

The third book in the Brothers of the Sand Series, Beasts From The Day, arrives on January 6, 2020 and it is available for pre-order now.

Drust, Kag and co are in the Alps, battered, bruised and fighting for their lives. Some things never change.

On the hunt for a rogue Roman officer, something goes terribly wrong and they are left stranded in the mountains, their escape route cut off. Only then does the true danger of their mission reveal itself.

Caught in the crossfire not just of the mountain tribes, but of the vicious power politics of Rome, they must use all their cunning and guile to save themselves from death's icy clutches...

The gripping final instalment of the extraordinary, brutal, visceral historical epic series.

2 July, 2019: The Red Serpent

Red Serpent

The second book in the Brothers of the Sand Series, The Red Serpent, arrives on July 5 and it is available for pre-order now.

At the edge of the empire, the hunters become the hunted...

They're back - Drust, Kag, Ugo, Sib and some new faces - as dirt-ridden and downbeat as ever.

Drawn to the edge of the Roman world and the blasted deserts of the Syrian frontier, they are presented with a mysterious riddle from their old companions, Dog and Manius. In the scorching heat, plots and rumours breed like flies on a corpse.

To survive, Drust and the others must face all challengers along with Mother Nature's rage. Sometimes they'll stand and fight; sometimes they'll run as fast as they can and pray to the Gods. For it is a mad and violent world, and they must be equal to it...

22 January, 2019: What you will learn if you read my new book...

My new book The Beasts Beyond The Wall is on sale now. It is the first in the Brothers Of The Sand Series and, if you would like to know a little more about what you will discover when you read it, here is an idea.

5 January, 2019: More about The Beasts Beyond The Wall

My Brothers Of The Sand Series begins with the publication of The Beasts Beyond The Wall on January 21 via Canelo Adventure, and it's available for pre-order now. If you'd like to know more, you've come to the right place – you can read the prologue, discover a glossary of the gladiatorial terms you'll encounter in the book, and read a Q&A session about how the story came about.

19 December, 2018: The Beasts Beyond The Wall

The Beasts Beyond the WallMy new book, The Beasts Beyond The Wall, the first in the Brothers Of The Sand Series, will be published digitally on January 21, 2019 via Canelo Adventure. It's available for pre-order now. Here's the blurb:

Drust and Kag, two ring-hardened fighters who won their freedom with blood, are met with an unusual request. The mysterious, powerful Servilius Structus sends them deep into Scotland, land of the Caledonii, to find and secure a woman and her young son. But it's not clear why... and what could go wrong, heading over the last Wall into the Land of Darkness?  

Accompanied by Ugo, Quintus, Manius, and Sibanus, this crew of ex–gladiator rogues, tricksters and bar-room philosophers will risk everything on an insane quest and a daring escape. In the dog days of Rome, with decadence and corruption in the air, the consequences of their failure are far greater than they could ever dream: not only their lives but the Empire itself is at stake.

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