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My agent, James Gill of United Agents, is always open to ideas:

My publisher, HarperCollins, without whom etc etc etc:

Should you be in America – you will find my books published by these people: www.stmartins.com

Vikings online

The real Oathsworn of Einar The Black (or Inar, as he prefers)

The other ship crews of the larger organisation we belong to. On a good weekend, we can put together a couple of thousand, including Poles, Czechs etc etc. Spookily, the real Vikings who invaded the UK probably didn’t have very many more …

Other artists

The Scarrow Brothers – brilliant as it is to have Simon Scarrow and his talents, it is brilliance doubled to find he has a brother, Alex, who also writes great stuff.

Sophia McDougall, one of the best authors around. Young, beautiful and sweet as mead, you should treat her as you would a horn of that stuff – with respect, otherwise you will end up in a world of misery and pain. I also like her brother’s music.

Bernard Cornwell needs no introduction from me... but it's a great honour to have him say, 'I wish I'd written The Whale Road!'

Martin Kielty has been annoying me since I was his boss in his first newspaper. He's had five books published himself, along with a career as a rock journalist and designing, producing and running this website for me. This paragraph is here to make the job cheaper.